July 22, 2017

4 Ways to Manage Travel with Kids Over Spring Break

on the beachI guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that a recent Bank of America survey found that half of Americans are planning to take a vacation over Spring Break. This winter has been long and cold (hello, we got nine inches of snow yesterday here in DC), and lots of families just want to escape to any destination that doesn’t require a heavy coat and mittens.

Unfortunately, cost is still a major consideration for many families. While there are lots of ways to save on a vacation (I even wrote a post called 8 Ways to Save Big on Your Next Family Vacation for SavingsLifestyle.com), families need to stay on top of their spending in order to have a fabulous family vacation that doesn’t break the bank or end up being one that is paid for well into the future with each credit card bill.

Bank of America recently tapped Travel Channel host, Samantha Brown, for tips and advice to help families make the most of their Spring Break travels. Take a look:

1. Get on the First Flight of the Day: Nobody likes to wake sleeping children, but hopping on the first flight out in the morning can save you money. It’s also wise to catch early flights because the later in the day that you travel, the more likely you are to experience travel delays.

2. Eat Before You Leave for the Airport: Don’t assume you’ll be fed on the plane. In fact, most flights these days only offer snack boxes. Eat at home, then bring along snacks to eat at the airport should the kids get the munchies before you board.

3. Prepare for Your Return: When you land at your destination, don’t speed on over to baggage claim. Look for restaurants, indoor play structures and the security line. By getting a lay of the land, you’ll feel more relaxed and prepared when you come back to the airport to return home.

4. Rack Up Rewards Points: When you check in or pick up a rental car, don’t forget about rewards programs, like Marriott Rewards, to help you earn travel perks to use on your next family getaway. I also have the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card to earn triple points on airfares and double points at the grocery store. Bank of America also has the BankAmericard Travel Rewards credit card, which gives you 1.5 points for every dollar you spend.

How do you like to save money on vacation and make your travels more relaxing? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Nicole Stanley says:

    Nice post, handy points to follow…I am definitely going to use it for my next trip. Traveling with children is not always easy, especially flights or any long trip by train or car. However, with a little preparation and planning we can make traveling time smooth for them.

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