June 23, 2017

4 Ways to Keep Up with the Fall Foliage Frenzy

It’s officially fall and there have been loads of articles about this year’s foliage. As we approach peak season, all the media is predicting the colors will be brighter and more plentiful this year. No wonder I can’t get online without stumbling across an article talking about leaf peeping.

If you want to take the kids out to see the leaves, but aren’t sure where to go or when, here are four ways to stay on top of the foliage frenzy:

Get the App: Download the free Leaf Peeper app. You can read and report on foliage status, even rate foliage as green, turning, moderate, peak, fading or gone. Or, just check the map, which shows color-coded regions of the country, indicating the state of the leaves at any given time.

Hit Up the Weather Channel: It makes sense that Weather.com would report out current fall foliage conditions. Just zoom in on your part of the country to see whether leaves in your area are patchy, near peak, peak or past peak.

Get the State-by-State Guide to Fall Colors: Over on About.com, there’s a great section on the website that lists out every state, along with the primary colors you’ll see right now and the peak time for fabulous foliage. For example, for Georgia it says the dominant colors today are orange and gold.

Hop on Facebook: Head to Facebook for various pages dedicated to state foliage, like Vermont Fall Foliage, with over 1,000 fans, and Maine Fall Foliage, with more than 2,800 fans. You’ll find updates on the foliage, as well as lots of great pictures.

Are you planning to check out the leaves with your kids? Do you have any favorite places you like to go to see foliage? Let me know in the comments section below.

Photo Credit: Jay Radhakrishnan

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