June 29, 2017

4 Ways to Help Ensure Stress-Free Holiday Travels

I mentioned yesterday that I attended the Family Travel Conference in Dallas over the weekend. It was a great experience, and I had so much fun getting to know so many family travel bloggers, like Lori of Expedition Mom, Sue of Field Tips with Sue, Jessica of Suitcases and Sippy Cups and Rebecca of R We There Yet Mom?.

Another fabulous family travel blogger I met is Jodi of Family Travel Magazine, who recently put out some advice I think you’ll love on how to help ensure stress-free holiday travels. If you’re planning to drive or fly over Thanksgiving or Christmas, keep this advice in mind.

Leave Lots of Time: The airports are going to be crowded, so leave lots of extra time to check your bags, get to the gate and eat some snacks before boarding your flight. If you’re driving, just remember that lots of people will be on the road, so give yourself lots of extra time to get to your destination.

Pack a First Aid Kit: Someone is probably going to get sick, so plan for it (I generally find that when I plan for this, then no one gets sick, which works for me). Bring along a first aid kit, a thermometer and some children’s Tylenol, even some pain relief medication for adults, too.

Keep Tabs on the Weather: Whether flying or driving, check out the weather for your entire route. If you see weather on your drive will be bad, you may want to leave early or late to avoid an unpleasant drive. The same goes for flying. If you have a connection, check the weather in that city so you can prepare for an unplanned layover.

Get Your Car a Check-Up: If you plan to drive a long distance, take your car into the service center before you leave to make sure your car is up-to-date and good to go with wiper fluid, properly inflated tires, oil, etc. before you hit the road.

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What are your best tips for stress free holiday travels? Let me know in the comments section below.

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