June 29, 2017

4 Sites to Visit to Give Back When You Travel

Starting to plan a family getaway for Spring Break? Before you book your airplane tickets or cruise schedule, check out four websites that can help you give back to those in need both before and during your next travel adventure.

Route195.com: When you book your travel through Route195.com, not only will you find the same prices you see anywhere else on the web, but a portion of what you pay will go toward the charity of your choice. Choose from dozens of non-profit and sports organizations.

Recoup: Purchase travel experiences from Recoup, like safaris, overnight hotel stays and surf lessons, even travel gear, and a portion of the proceeds go to select charities, like Doctors Without Borders and Water for People. It’s a great way to give while also taking advantage of fabulous travel experiences.

Stuff Your Rucksack: Once you’ve booked your airline ticket, head to Stuff Your Rucksack to identify charities in the areas where you will be and find out what they need, like pencils, school supplies and books. Then just pack your bags and drop off the items when you arrive.

Together for Good: Similar to Stuff Your Rucksack, Together for Good shares what’s needed by non-profits, but focuses on child-focused charities in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. Whether flying in or taking a cruise, there are lots of opportunities to bring along needed diapers and notebooks.

Want even more ideas on how to give back on your next family getaway? Take a look at my post from September, 6 Ways to Get More from Your Next Vacation.

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    I know there is a similar lodge in ecuador called the Huaorani Ecolodge which does a similar thing.

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