January 23, 2018

15 Ways My iPhone Saves the Day When We Travel


iphoneSure, I’ve had moments where I’ve found myself a little too close to my iPhone and not quite close enough to my kids when on our family travel adventures. I try to avoid email and social media apps as much as I can when exploring with my kids, but there are just too many apps that help me out when we travel. Take a look at the 15 ways my iPhone comes to the rescue when we travel.

1. It Wakes Me Up in the Morning. I don’t even bother with relying on hotel alarm clocks or wake-up calls. The alarm on my iPhone is all I need to make sure I get up and where I need to be on time.

2. It Helps Me Fuel Up My Car. When I’m low on gas and not sure which way to go to fill up, the GasBuddy app hooks me up, helping me to find nearby stations and the cheapest gas in my area.

3. It Gets Me My Coffee. Well, it can’t bring me a cup of coffee, but the free Starbucks app can find and map the closest Starbucks, even give me turn-by-turn voice directions. Thank you.

4. It Tells Me Where My Plane is Now. Not only does the FlightView Free app track the status of my flight, but it can also tell me about my aircraft’s previous flight, so I’ll know before most everyone else (for better or worse) whether our flight will be delayed.

5. It Finds Cheap Family Meals. When traveling with kids in tow, it’s key to be able to find family-style restaurants and “kids eat free” deals. Fortunately, the Kids Meal Deals app can find both, and even give us driving directions.

6. It Also Finds Really Good Places to Eat. Thanks to the TripAdvisor app, I can find restaurants that received very good reviews. We relied upon TripAdvisor extensively last year when we went to Puerto Rico and were not let down by the dining recommendations.

7. And It Finds Restrooms. No one likes to hear the dreaded “I have to go to the bathroom” coming from the back of the minivan. Fortunately, the SitOrSquat app comes to the rescue, easily locating the closest and best public restrooms near you.

8. It Gets Me Where I Need to Be. I used to be a diehard fan of the MapQuest app, but something changed on my recent trip to the Florida Keys and I re-discovered the Maps app that’s built into the phone. It easily figures out where I am and gets me on my way much better than MapQuest.

9. It Keeps Me from Digging for Change to Feed the Meter. Thanks to the Parkmobile app, it no longer matters whether I have change in my purse to feed the meter. Just a few taps on the app and the meter is fed. It even sends me text alerts when the meter is running low.

10. It Helps Me Find Last-Minute Hotel Rooms. If you didn’t book ahead or your hotel room wasn’t up to par, look to the Hotel Tonight app after 12 pm each day for deep discounts on local hotel rooms.

11. It Converts Currency. In some countries, it’s easy to convert currency in my head, but in others it’s not quite so easy. Fortunately, the XE Currency app can do it quickly and at real-time conversion rates.

12. It Lets Me Take Pictures. Sure, everyone knows you can take pictures with the iPhone, but it honestly is a dream to be able to press a button or two and have your shot. Do you know how many shots I’ve missed because the camera was still in the bag?

13. It Sends Postcards of Places I’ve Visited. No need to stop in gift shops for postcards. Thanks to several postcard apps, like Postagram and Postcards on the Run, I can create postcards from snapshots that my kids or I have taken along the way

14. It Helps Me Plan My Daily Tourist Activities. When I just don’t have time to book tours and attraction tickets, the Viator Tours & Activities app comes to my aid. It’s easy to find and book tours and activities near me, even map them so I can arrive on time.

15. It Finds Itself When It’s Lost. And when I’ve misplaced my iPhone and am no longer able to do any of the above, the Find My iPhone app comes to my rescue, helping me to re-locate my iPhone quickly.

What does your iPhone do for you? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. I have to agree with you Erin. There are so many apps that can really help through the day and even when you are traveling. We all have to admit that smartphones these days are very useful and helps make our life a little bit easier.

  2. Erin, GREAT article! I had no idea there were so many useful travel apps on my iPhone! Everything from parking meter payment to currency conversion. Amazing!

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