November 24, 2017

10 Ways to Build Reading & Writing Skills on Summer Vacation


We’re just three days into summer and it seems everyone I know has already taken or is currently on their annual beach vacation. I’ve seen lots of pictures of waves and sand castles on Facebook the last few days. Well, our big family trip isn’t until August, so I was excited to find some fantastic tips from StudyDog to help make reading and writing a part of the summer travel experience. Take a look.

Before the Trip

1. Research the places you plan to visit with your kids. Read travel guides, brochures and web pages to get the scoop on your summer travel destinations.

2. Help your kids bone up on writing skills by working up an itinerary together. Another good pre-trip activity is to create a list of items to bring on the trip.

3. Read books with characters based in places that you plan to visit. For example, the “Eloise” series of books takes place in various cities, including New York and Paris.

During the Trip

4. Engage your children in reading road signs or play games that require your kids to find certain words or letters.

5. Listen to audiobooks as a family and discuss the stories as you drive or fly to your destination.

6. Encourage your kids to keep a travel journal of their experiences and send postcards from the trip to friends and family members.

7. Select books for your kids to read based on vacation experiences. For instance, if you plan to visit an aquarium, chose a book about marine life.

8. For quiet time on the beach or in the hotel room, bring extra books for your kids to read.

After the Trip

9. Encourage your children to create a scrapbook of their trip as a way to keep up with their writing skills.

10. Read books with your children related to new interests they may have discovered while on vacation. It’s always exciting to read and learn about new parts of the world.

Do you have any other ways that you like to encourage your kids to advance their reading and writing skills while on vacation? Let me know in the comments section below.

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