June 23, 2017

10 Cool Places to Get Your LEGO Fix

Adobe Spark (29)Does your family adore LEGO? If so, you may be looking for themed amusement parks and other attractions that you may be able to enjoy. While some of these attractions are available for you to enjoy year-round, others are traveling exhibits and expos.

Here are 10 cool places to get your LEGO fix:

1. LEGOLAND Florida: At this amusement park, you’ll find plenty of LEGO-themed worlds, rides, and attractions for people of all ages. While it’s always a great time to visit LEGOLAND Florida, you may want to consider planning a family vacation in 2017. The park recently unveiled its plans to add a beach retreat and a new world called Ninjago, which is based on a martial arts-themed LEGO set. Be sure to check out the waterpark and consider a stay at LEGOLAND Florida Resort, which has themed rooms.  

2. LEGOLAND California: Just like at LEGOLAND Florida, you’ll find a number of themed worlds, rides, and attractions for people of all ages. In addition to a place to spend the night, the amusement park, and waterpark, LEGOLAND California also offers an aquarium.

3. LEGOLAND Discovery Center: With several locations throughout the United States, these indoor playgrounds offer 4D cinema shows, rides, creative workshops, LEGO MINILAND, and more.  

4. Americana Roadshow: This exhibit, which travels to different malls throughout the country, displays large models of well-known landmarks built entirely from LEGO bricks. Find the nearest mall where the exhibit will be held near you!

5. The Art of the Brick: This traveling must-see exhibit has been found in various cities, including Seattle, WA and Myrtle Beach, SC. Though there are currently no dates scheduled, there may be future dates in the future. This exhibit has been the first to turn LEGO bricks into a form of artwork.

6. Nature Connects: This traveling exhibit consists of 12 large LEGO sculptures. Almost 500,000 LEGO bricks went into the creation of Nature Connects, which features a hummingbird, trumpet flower, a family of deer, a tortoise, a dragonfly, and more.

7. BrickFair LEGO Expo: This expo will be held in several states. You and your children will have the chance to see various LEGO models and participate in fun games and races.

8. BrickUniverse: This expo, which travels from city to city, is a two-day show. It consists of many hands-on and interactive activities that can be enjoyed by LEGO fans of all ages.

9. Brick Fest Live: This traveling festival offers all sorts of fun for kids who love LEGO bricks to enjoy. It includes a Derby, a theater, LEGO models, and lots of other hands-on activities.

10. LEGO KidsFest: This festival, which travels to various cities, offers all sorts of hands-on activities, building experiences, and other sorts of entertainment. Though it’s a kid-oriented festival, the whole family is bound to enjoy it!

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