March 23, 2017

Review: 3 iPhone Apps to Help You Navigate Walt Disney World

There are a lot of iPhone apps out there to help you manage a trip to Walt Disney World, whether you want to see full-size park maps, decide where to eat or keep track of all your trip details, like hotel confirmation numbers, dining reservations and flights. For me, I wanted to find a real-time app to help guide me […]

How To: Stock Up a Family Vacation Rental (Checklist)

We’re here in Orlando staying the week at a lovely vacation rental just minutes from Walt Disney World that we booked through HomeAway. This is our first time staying off-property, and with ten of us on this trip, a rental home seemed like the way to go. It’s only our second day here, and after a good night’s sleep with […]

Three iPhone Apps to Help You Save on Last-Minute Hotel Rooms

I don’t need to tell you that hotel rooms are expensive. I also don’t need to tell you that hotel rooms in New York City are very expensive. This past weekend I took my girls to New York and of course I waited until the last minute to book a room to try to get the best price. When that […]

6 Must-Have Summer Travel iPhone Apps

Wherever your family vacation plans take you this summer, there’s definitely an iPhone app available that will make your trip go even smoother. Whether helping you find campgrounds, the nearest beach or the subway route to take to get to your favorite museum, here are six must-have iPhone apps to add to your phone this summer before you leave the […]

School’s Out: 5 Books to Plan Family Day Trips + Excursions

My kids have one more week of school and I’ve been on the prowl for some great summer travel guide books to scour for ideas to keep us busy and out of the house. Here are a five of my favorite travel books to help you plan for both summer day trips and vacations of a few days or more. […]

85+ Mini Travel Guides for Your Vacation or Staycation

I know I don’t need to tell you that gas is expensive. I try to look away when I’m at the gas pump, but I’m pretty sure it’s over $4 a gallon now. I just read that it’s up 37% from the same time last year. Geesh. So in light of soaring gas prices, are you thinking of shelving the […]

Best of the Blogs: Family Road Trip Success

It’s Saturday and we’ve got a busy weekend planned. No travel, but lots of soccer, birthday parties and my daughter’s First Holy Communion. I hope you can get out there and explore in my place. Road trips may not be on your mind now, but if you’ve got one planned for this summer, I think you’ll enjoy this week’s round-up […]

5 Ways to Maximize Your Family Vacation Before You Pack Your Suitcase

It’s our second day here in sunny (and very humid) South Florida. I’m sitting alone poolside at my in-law’s house. Everyone else has gone to the beach. We had planned to take the two big girls to Everglades Holiday Park using a two-for-one Groupon deal I picked up a few days ago. Then I found out it was an hour […]

3 Tips to Get Off the Beaten Path with Kids

It’s Thursday, and yes, this little red suitcase has been packed and sitting next to my bedroom door since Tuesday. To say my 6 year old, Kate, is excited for our trip to Florida on Saturday is an understatement. She’s been talking about this trip to see Nana and Pop for weeks. Now Kate and 3 year old Molly ask […]

Top 5 Great U.S. Destinations for Families to Discover

TripAdvisor came out with a survey yesterday awarding two cities in my home state of Virginia – Williamsburg and Virginia Beach – as the top-two “Great U.S. Destinations to Discover.” Now I love this list of cities because they aren’t typical family vacation destinations, like Orlando (Walt Disney World) or Los Angeles, but these are great places with history and […]