March 6, 2015

20 Ways to Rock as a Travel Blogger (+ Make Money)

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On Monday, I shared with you How to Start a Travel Blog in One Hour (or Less). Well, now that your travel blog is all set up and you feel comfortable creating and posting content, you’re ready to take your travel blog to the next level. Take a look at my 20 best tips for growing and succeeding, even making […]

How to Start a Travel Blog in One Hour (or Less)

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UPDATE: Once you start your travel blog, read 20 Ways to Rock as a Travel Blogger (+ Make Money). Good luck! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging here at Kidventurous for nearly four years. We’ve had lots of fun adventures all across the country, even in France, Austria, Ireland and Puerto Rico. If you’ve ever thought about starting your […]

20 Really Cool Things Your Kids Can Do in National Parks

snowshoeing tour

I was halfway through writing this post when I realized that only six months ago I wrote a similar post, 25 Things to Do in a National Park. Well guess what, while those things are must-do’s, these new things are really cool as the title of this blog post suggests. Clearly I love national parks and I love finding and […]

5 Top Spots in the U.S. for Family Fun

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As the new year approaches, families across the country will begin to plan out their summer vacations. While some may choose to travel abroad, many other families will consider the wide variety of exciting destinations within the United States. Here are five of the top vacation spots in the country: 1. Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas is growing into one of the best […]

Holiday Travel: 8 Moms & Dads Share Their Best Packing Tips


In less than two weeks, I know that many of you will be loading up your minivans and hopping on planes to be with family for the holidays. If you’re like me, you may wait until the eleventh hour to begin packing, so I know you’ll be able to use a little help and guidance. Take a look at more […]

Taking the Kids: 2nd or 3rd Visit to Washington, DC

library of congress-main reading room

There’s no question that Washington, DC is a great place to explore with kids. A visit to the U.S. Capitol, taking in the views from the top of the Washington Monument and snapping a selfie from in front of the White House are all must-do’s, of course. But, what do you do with your kids in Washington, DC once you’ve enjoyed […]

5 Travel Books that Make Perfect Holiday Gifts for Kids

adventures in busy places-lonely planet kids

The holidays are nearly here and if you’d like to inspire wanderlust in your children this year, there are a variety of new books designed to do just that. I think you’ll find that each book or book series is well-suited for children who will want to spend hours learning more about their world through these fun and colorful books. Here […]

5 Tips for Getting Good Seats on Your Next Flight

airline seats

There are lots of things to worry about when it comes to flights with little ones.  Some of those worries come when packing, some when you’re boarding, and some in those stressful hours of time in the air. But don’t neglect the part that can often be taken care of well in advance: seat selection. Check out these five tips […]

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