September 22, 2014

5 New Ways to Save Money on Plane Tickets


I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. Be flexible if you want to save money on airline tickets. Fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays for the best fares. Is there anything new to help travelers save money on airline tickets? Since I’m on the hunt for six tickets to Orlando, I started to look around for advice from the experts […]

Top 10 Family-Friendly Oktoberfest Celebrations


Oktoberfest officially kicks off in Munich on Saturday (9/20), but if you have no plans to travel to Germany, but still want to take in German music, dancing, foods and games, here are 10 family-friendly Oktoberfest celebrations across the U.S. that are worth a visit: 1. Oktoberfest Chicago. Hosted by St. Alphonsus Church, head to Oktoberfest Chicago for bratwurst, traditional […]

7 Tips for Renting a Car in Europe

europe rental car

If you’ve been to Europe before, you’ll understand the risk of trying to drive in its big cities. I must admit, having grown up in Boston, I enjoy the thrill of city driving. But in Paris or London or Rome (or pretty much any big European city), you’re generally better off without a car. You’ll save time and money going […]

Caribbean Travel: 5 Fall Family Getaways


The kids are back in school and, if you’re like me, you’re thinking about just one more quick family vacation. The Caribbean has long been a favorite of mine and fortunately there are great deals to be found on tropical getaways and many islands to visit that are outside the hurricane belt. Take a look at five Caribbean hot spots […]

Presidential Libraries: 13 Ways to Rediscover 13 Presidents

oval office replica

Don’t let the word “library” mislead you. While there are thousands of papers and personal records of our presidents to read, as well as spaces for scholarly research, there are just as many opportunities to explore, touch, see, listen and learn about American history at each of the 13 presidential libraries located across the United States. Franklin D. Roosevelt was […]

7 Kid-Friendly Hotel Menus

fun fuel  menu

It’s so refreshing to stay in a hotel and see healthy menu options for kids, like organic scrambled eggs, fresh fruit & granola parfaits and salmon teriyaki. More and more hotels are hopping on this trend, making it easier for families to eat healthy while on vacation. Take a look at seven fun and nutritious menus for kids at some of […]

10 Family Camping Tips for Non-Campers

camping tent

I think I’m pretty upfront about the fact that I am not a camper. Sure, I’ve slept in a tent. At a campground. Twice. It was fun, but I’ll never be a set-up-your-own-tent-in-the-forest kind of girl. However, I do like the idea of exposing my kids to camping, so if you’re like me, here are 10 family camping tips for […]

Family Travel: 8 Items Your Kids Will Want (That You Will Forget)

sunglasses shrot

We took two road trips in June, both of which involved 10+ hours in the car, along with many more hours spent sightseeing. I learned that, despite being a mom for nearly 11 years, there are many things that I forget to bring along when we go on vacation (oh so many). Take a look at eight things your kids […]