September 1, 2014

Presidential Libraries: 13 Ways to Rediscover 13 Presidents

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Don’t let the word “library” mislead you. While there are thousands of papers and personal records of our presidents to read, as well as spaces for scholarly research, there are just as many opportunities to explore, touch, see, listen and learn about American history at each of the 13 presidential libraries located across the United States. Franklin D. Roosevelt was […]

7 Kid-Friendly Hotel Menus

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It’s so refreshing to stay in a hotel and see healthy menu options for kids, like organic scrambled eggs, fresh fruit & granola parfaits and salmon teriyaki. More and more hotels are hopping on this trend, making it easier for families to eat healthy while on vacation. Take a look at seven fun and nutritious menus for kids at some of […]

10 Family Camping Tips for Non-Campers

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I think I’m pretty upfront about the fact that I am not a camper. Sure, I’ve slept in a tent. At a campground. Twice. It was fun, but I’ll never be a set-up-your-own-tent-in-the-forest kind of girl. However, I do like the idea of exposing my kids to camping, so if you’re like me, here are 10 family camping tips for […]

Family Travel: 8 Items Your Kids Will Want (That You Will Forget)

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We took two road trips in June, both of which involved 10+ hours in the car, along with many more hours spent sightseeing. I learned that, despite being a mom for nearly 11 years, there are many things that I forget to bring along when we go on vacation (oh so many). Take a look at eight things your kids […]

10 Things You Must Do Before You Leave the Country


I hate to say it, but I can be a naïve traveler sometimes. If I was out of the country and my passport was stolen, I’d probably have a devil of a time getting back into the U.S. Given summer is such a busy time for international travel, I put together the list below of 10 things you must do […]

8 Tips for Better Summer Sightseeing with Kids

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There’s definitely something different about summer sightseeing with kids. It’s like the sun and the heat sap all of their energy within minutes. They get more tired, more hungry and more irritable than they do during the more mild months. With this in mind, here are eight tips to help you navigate summer sightseeing with kids. 1. Bring a sweater. […]

10 Things to Do Now to Have the Best Family Vacation

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The last day of school for my kids is tomorrow. Then, the exodus begins, at least in my neighborhood. But, before you start your family vacation, I’ve got 10 must-do’s you’ll want to cross off your list to help ensure the best vacation ever. Take a look: 1. Decide on a Hashtag.Take and share photos during your summer vacation on […]

6 Ways to Get Your Kids to Read on Summer Vacation

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It’s hard to believe that next week is the last week of school for my kids. I’m excited about day trips and vacations, but I’m also concerned about summer brain drain. Fortunately, Raising a Reader has several ideas that will go far toward getting your kids and mine to read (and enjoy reading) this summer. Take a look: 1. Put Reading […]